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1) PVD
To meet the challenging conditions of the modern engine (high combustion pressure, high power output, low elasticity and no maintenance), Dongya has, after years of research, successfully developed a specialized dry plating process (PVD). This process is applied to the piston ring surface and results in extremely high wear and corrosion resistance, especially in abrasive wear conditions. Currently, PVD is the world’s most advanced surface treatment for piston rings.

For steel piston rings, nitriding is conducted in a specialized nitriding furnace with advanced atmosphere control. The furnace is comprised of two chambers, one for nitriding and the other for nitrogen gas controlled cooling under vacuum. The process is highly automated with closed loop PLC. Nitrided steel piston rings exhibit high hardness, good wear resistance, excellent bonding adhesion and corrosion resistance, as well as high thermal stability.


Cr2: A special electrical plating technology that produces fine uniform chromium grains, resulting in a plating layer with a highly density interconnected network of micro-cracks. These micro-cracks provide an area where lubricating oil can be stored and subsequently released by capillary action, thus greatly improving wear resistance. In addition, this plating technology also provides self-cleaning ability with ideal bonding strength.

CID: Chrome-plating utilizing a special electrical plating process to deposit Al2O3 hard particles into the chrome layer. The addition of these particles,which have a hardness of 2200HV0.05, results in a much stronger carrying ability and better wear resistance.